`The sound of risk is a difficult condition, something awkward, difficult to define, to find or delineate'

Abismal 7 years - The Mask We Live In

with Tara Transitory, RAMZi and more artists. 8th October in Madrid.

The 8th October 2017 we will celebrate Abismal 7th anniversary. In this 7 years we have transformed 27 spaces with music, visuals, installations and performance by 117 artists; we have collaborated with 13 collectives from Spain, Germany and Colombia; and we have received help from many people like you who gave their donations and time.

The Mask We Live In. What defines men? What defines women? Is violence a masculine feature? Is submission a feminine trait? We want to celebrate our anniversary making a reflection about our identity in relation to gender roles. Why most of the djs, producers and promoters in our scene are men?

In this 7 years we have tried to create events with equality and open to all gender identities and orientations. In addition, we have promoted fair and horizontal economy as well as self-management, ecology and use of abandoned spaces.

We want to celebrate 7 years of artivism organizing a private event for 120 Abismal members on the 8th October with:

Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation (live)

RAMZi (live)




If you want to come write to us

Image by Olivia F.

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